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Syllabus KG 2

S.NoText BooksPublisherVideo Lectures
1Kinder Skill ABC Flyer 5 + Ages Text BookMcCallumWatch
2Pehla Qadam urdu Qaida (third edition/)ParamountWatch
3Phela Qadam Urdu workbook PrepParamountWatch
4Kinder Skill 123 Flyer 5 + AgesMcCallumWatch
5Marigold Computer Primer BBabarWatch
6Pictopedia Flyer (Part B)McCallumWatch
7قران پڑھیں آسان تجوید کے ساتھ(ابتدائی)AFAQWatch
8(گوہراسلامیات  نرسری (عامر محمود اعوانگوہرWatch
9Art and Craft Book 3ParamountWatch
10Table Book with general KnowledgeManqooshWatch
11The Magic porridge pot (1st Assessment & 2nd Assessment)LadybirdWatch
Note to Parents= Bind all book separately


NOTEBOOKSQuantity Price
English Broad 4 lines1
Math (One. Inch Box)1
Urdu broad line1
Cover all notebook & diary with plastic cover


Stationery ItemsQuantity  Price 
Gum Stick1 (15 Gram)
Pencil6 pack
Colour pencil box Goldfish 12 Pencil2
Glitter Formic Sheet4
Tap roll One Inch2
Hard Charts2
Glaze Sheet2
Colour Computer Paper50
Poster colour (Any five)                                                                 5

One poster paintbrush