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Message for Parents

Setting the Boundaries and Limitation is not something started by Human Being, but it was started even before the start of Birth of Human on the Earth. As in Jannah, Hazrat Adam (A.S) was prohibited to eat the Wheat is one of the widest example of putting the limit to make us beloved to our lord. The great religion of Islam also put the limitation that what a Muslim should do and what not to do in order to make the human Noble and succeeded Islam put limitation.
In the Context School, Rules and Regulations are not made to impose the pressure or financial penalty to the children but the major reason to impose the rule to make the children habitual to obey the rules not only at school level but also at country level. Obeying the rules of institution make the student responsible and polished person for the society and responsible citizen of the country.
It is strongly recommended for the parents to motivate their children to follow the rules of the institution. Combine efforts from school as well as from parents is required to shape the children a good citizen of the country.