The Sprout School
Shaping Leaders for Tomorrow!



Moral Values are taught in our institution to Educate the student in the shadow of Islamic Learning.

School Library

School Has maintained the library for student’s learning.

Computer Lab

Weekly camputer lab praticals schedule for class 1-8.

Audio visual aids

The technological environment for concept-based learning multi-media is adopted.

Preschool Activities

To Create Fun in Learning, Gaming period enhance the innovative and quick learning skills.

Physical Games

For the better physcial and mental health, Time to Time physial activities are arranged to build confidence with good health.

Free Education for Orphans

Sprout School provide free education for needy orphans.

Educational Tour

Educational Tours to boast up “students coordination and make them fresh” is also the part of School Activities.

Summer Camps

To keep Students mentaly and physically active free summer campus held Extra attention for during vacation for slow learners.

Regular Test System

We believe on regular test/assement system for best results.


Quality Product Canteen is available for the students.

Free Parking

School has facility of Free Parking with full security.