The Sprout School
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School Rules


  • Students have to follow the School Timings Strictly, Reaching after the assembly start shall cause the fine for students. Habitual Late Students shall be send back to home.

Leave Rules:

  • Until Parents Reports, Students are not allowed to be absent from the school. A proper Leave Application is required submitted by the parents/guardian to the school for leave.
  • During Tests (Term or Routine) the students are not expected to have any leaves. In case of emergency, the parents may submit the leave for student but the test shall be conducted in any other available time.
  • Attendance in School function is mandatory for the Students
  • Student are not allowed to miss any Curricular or Co-curricular activities of the school.
  • Consecutive Five leaves or six leaves in a month shall cause the struck off student’s name from the school. In such case, Readmission process need to be fulfilled to join the class again (exceptional cases exempted).

Uniform/Clothing and Personality Look:

  • Students are expected to wear proper clean uniform to attend the school.
  • On Function / Activity Day, Student may be allowed to wear instructed Dress as per instruction of Teachers.
  • Nails must be clean and Orderly Trimmed.
  • Hair Cut must be Proper (For boys only)
  • Students are expected to take bath daily and the use the talcum powder or deodorants (Specially in summers season)
  • Teeth must be brushed properly, A fine may applied otherwise.


  • The student must bring all required books, copies, stationary as per time tables.
  • School Diary containing Teacher and Parent Signature is mandatory to bring daily.
  • Shouting, Whistling, Improper Language, Improper verbal and nonverbal communication is not allowed in the school.
  • Throwing anything (any paper or stationary item) toward other students or staff is strictly prohibited.
  • Student must not damage or disfigure the school property and furniture, writing on the walls or class room chairs must not be done.
  • Students are not allowed to bring any sort of sharp instrument like Knife, Blade etc at school
  • Books other than syllabus (Magazine, Stories etc) are not allowed.
  • Lending and Borrowing Money from or to other students shall not be allowed
  • Unfair Mean or Cheating during the test or exam is not allowed, not obeying the rule shall strictly struck off the name of the student.
  • Mobile Phones are very strictly prohibited in the school for the students.
  • During School timing, Students are not allowed to go home.

School Cleanliness:

  • Dustbins are placed at class rooms and other locations, students must use the dustbins to throw leftovers in to them.


  • Writing on the library books, Lining them, making the books tempered or any other loss to the books is not allowed, otherwise the fine shall be imposed to the student.
  • Students are not allowed to talk in the library room, Silence is mandatory.