About Us

Who we are?


is the Project of SoftVision, Supervised by Highly Educated and Trained Professional. The Sprout School is equipped with up to date computer lab and library along with the wide classrooms. Unlike other Institution, The Interior of Sprout School is wide and properly ventilated which refresh the Student’s Mind, Students working, Listening, Concentration and understanding become more effective in such environment.

Islamic Values in Education along with Free Quran Education is a necessary part of the student’s syllabus. Multi-Media Lectures and Audio-Video Mode of Education bring more conceptual learning to the students. “Brain Teaching Games”, “Student’s Co-Curricular Activities”, “Confidence Booming Activities and Competitions”, “Social Responsibility Learning”, “How to Stay at Home”, “Islamic practices in routine lives” are the part of School’s activities along with the Formal Education.

In Single sentence, We can say, Sprout is the Finest Combination of “Modernization of Formal Education” and “Islamic Learning” at a single Place which shall educate the students not only in Bookish competition but also help them to Manage their routine Lives as per Islamic Learning.”

Since 2000, SoftVision is in the field of Education to fulfill this religious and social obligation of promoting education in Society by keeping the Islamic Values as Core and adopting the Modern methodologies. SoftVision Believes in Educating the Children along with the Teaching the Children. Yes, there is a difference in Teaching and Educating, Teaching is what teachers do. Education is something students get.

Education also contains the Polishing of Student’s Character, Entrepreneurial Skills, Religious Concept, Recognizing ownself and Self-Confidence along with the Formal Knowledge which a Student adopted.

SoftVision believes in Student’s Vision and Focus on the enhancement of Vision as we Work on “Always be a First-Rate Version of Yourself… Instead of SecondRate Version of Someone Else”. We want to develop 3 Es in our Future leaders… Education… Excellence… and Enhancement toward more, as success is a journey, not a destination.

Why Sprout School?

The Sprout school is Project of SoftVision, No Substitute for Experience, SoftVision is among the Pioneer in the Education in Bahawalpur Operating Since 2000.

  • Experience and Highly Qualified Management and Teachers. Smart
  • Education System with LED Display
  • Good Infrastructure with Air Conditioned Classrooms
  • Daily Quran Class
  • Creative writing classes
  • Sprout Work on Education, Excellence & Enhancement not only formal teaching
  • Computer Proficiency Courses
  • Events and Competition for confidence building
  • Library
  • PlayGround
  • Free education for the orphans
  • Spoken English Classes
  • Brain boosting games for mental growth
  • Advance Security & monitoring System